Underfloor Heating.

We are highly experienced Underfloor heating specialists and our work in this department is to the highest standard. Underfloor heating is very easy to install and is very clean, economical and efficient. It requires only low temperature warm water and is ideal for use with modern condensing boilers and heat pumps.

With Underfloor heating, comfort levels are high and running costs are low.

With Underfloor heating in place a lot of space is saved. It cannot be seen and so it is out of the way. There are no radiators in the room so it allows space for more furniture. It is also better for health and hygiene reasons as it stops dust mites from living in carpets and there is no longer the need to clean hard to reach places behind radiators where dust might gather.
There is no sound from Underfloor heating. With radiators and copper pipes you may get the odd creak and groan but with Underfloor heating it is just silence. It will also save you on average between 15-30% on your heating bill as well as providing a very even temperature throughout your house.
If you decide then that Underfloor Heating is for you then contact us and one of our highly specialised plumbers will be happy to give discuss it with you and give you a quote free of charge.

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